Playtesting workshop

A hands-on workshop that focus on Playtesting, where we will go through the fundamentals of playtesting.



What is playtesting and why do it?

  • When to start playtesting?
  • How to setup different playtests
  • How and whom to invite for playtesting
  • Practical tips and tricks!


The hands-on part of the workshop will be for you to plan and set-up a small playtesting session.


For whom:

Indie game studios and game developer a will get the most out of this workshop, but anyone interested in game development are welcome!


Do I need to prepare something?

As a matter of fact, yes! Please bring your game you are developing or have a game, you want to test, installed on your device. Playtesting can be and should be tested as early as possible 😊

Bring your own device!


When:  Thursday, May 26th. 13:00-15:00


Location: Skellefteå Kraft Arena, Business area (Guldbaren)


Who will be hosting the workshop?

Joakim Majors

UX-designer and analyst. ~12 year working experience in the field of usability and user experience (UX). Working at Experience Lab at the Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies, Åbo Akademi University in Vasa, Finland. I consult companies and organizations about Human-Centered design development processes. I do user research, make concept designs, conduct usability, and playtesting of games for companies and organizations. Currently working on a developing a digital second language learning game for immigrant integration.

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