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Quality business meetings during Arctic Game Week

MeetToMatch is a B2B event platform that you can use to plan meetings with other participants, plan sessions, and to explore products and services. This premium event networking service is aimed at meeting potential business partners by choice rather than chance, and for you to have an optimal event experience. Imagine a day of pre-planned meetings and sessions, where you meet many potential new business partners at designated tables, get inspired by interesting sessions and can browse through the products and services of the other attendees.

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How does MeetToMatch work?

MeetToMatch offers a thoroughly tested, easy to use online platform to browse through the attendees, sessions and products, to manage your schedule, and to plan your meetings.


You can start planning meetings right after you have access to the MeetToMatch platform. Be sure to check out the list of attendees regularly, as new ones will be registering closer to the event!


The location of your meetings is always mentioned in your schedule. You will also receive a summary of all your meetings and their location in your email on the days of the event.


Who can use MeetToMatch?

If you have a business ticket to Arctic Game Week you will receive an email with login credentials and an invitation to fill out your profile on MeetToMatch. The invitation will be sent in a separate e-mail a few weeks before the event.



Wednesday May 25: Conference floor at SARA kulturhus (4th floor) Map


Thursday May 26: Business floor at Skellefteå Kraft Arena (at Nordsken event) Map


Friday May 27: Business floor at Skellefteå Kraft Arena (at Nordsken event) Map



Questions about MeetToMatch

More information can be found on the MeetToMatch website or you can send an email to 

Find new business opportunities based on your IP

MeetToMatch will be on site offering premium meeting services that ensure you have quality business meetings with some of the best people from the industry and the industry nearby. Find new opportunities based on IP.